Create Profile, Share Jobs, Earn Crypto


How it Works


Create an account on


Post an open job and define your ‘Referral Reward’


Hire candidate and indicate 'Hired' on dashboard


Only pay when the new hire completes their probationary period


Create an account at and connect a Metamask crypto wallet.


Share Gig-gly job opening link with your network.


Your uniqure Referral ID is linked to your referral's application.


If they’re hired, a timer starts for the probationary period.


At the end of the probationary period, you’ll receive a transfer of $USDC to your linked wallet

How do Referral Rewards work for employers?

  • Employers: Only Pay When New Hire Is Made!
  • Employer posts job opening, and sets referral reward with probation period.
  • Once new hire is made, employer indicates “Hired” on Gig-gly dashboard and probationary period begins.
  • At the end of the probationary period, employer receives a notification and instructions on how to pay for the referral reward.

How do Referral Rewards work for
Community Members?

  • Community Members: Get Paid To Share!
  • Member joins the Gig-gly platform & connects their crypto wallet.
  • Member shares a Gig-gly job listing.
  • Job seeker applies to job via community member’s link.
  • Job seeker gets hired and their probationary period begins.
  • Once job seeker’s probationary period is complete, community member receives a referral reward for their job seeker’s hiring.

How do I know if my Community Member
account is linked to the referral?

  • When a Community Member copies the share link from the job listing, a “ref=####” code is attached to the URL. This ref code is the Community Member’s unique referral code. As long as the ref code is included in the URL, the system will track the referral through the new hire’s probationary period.

How do employers pay for the referral reward?

  • Once probationary period has ended, employer will receive a notification and a link from Stripe to pay via credit or debit card.

How do Community Members receive
their referral reward?

  • Once the new hire’s probationary period has ended, the employer will pay the Referral Reward. Payment of reward to Gig-gly can take up to 60 days. Once Gig-gly receives payment, Community Member will receive an email notifying that the transfer to their crypto wallet has begun.

What token will Community Members receive?

What crypto wallet is preferred?

What is the benefit of holding on to GTR
(Giggly Token Rewards)?

  • As Gig-gly grows via membership and revenue streams the treasury will strengthen and the token value will increase, therefore it is beneficial to hold the token.

Can Community Members cash out
their Gig-gly Token Reward?

Who is the Non-Profit Partner
Gig-gly is working with?

  • Gig-gly has partnered with Back On My Feet, a non-profit that provides services to rehabilitate those that are homeless through fitness, community support and essential employment and housing resources. More information at

Referral Rewards Breakdown

  • Referral Reward amount, paid in full to referrer
  • + 10% Social Impact donation - paid by employer
  • + 10% Gig-gly fee - paid by employer
  • + 5% processing fee - paid by employer